Punkrock to dance to? Sure, of course! Glamour in the moshpit? Guaranteed!
Nevertheless, the Berlin-based Polymonsters are everything but a relic of the blazing electropunk wave of the noughties. Founded in 2010, the original cast earned city-wide reputation as a playful musical trash band. By now, this loose performance collective, transformed by a series of artistic stopovers, has grown into a strong line-up, which gives hell to the audience in startling shows located somewhere between punk concert and commedia dell'arte.

Driven by strong synth beats, Tristan Kabuki and his two monster colleagues Doctor Monster (Marco Bianciardi, guitar) and Yerr Monster (Martina Dünkelmann, bass) are always up to create a top-notch performance: Kabuki purrs and screams his lungs out, Doctor Monster draws from his special-tuned guitar every sound imaginable on a continuum from blues to noise, and Yerr monster lets the gastric walls of the audience members hum along in low frequencies – while in the background the evergreens of pop history are joyfully shredded into bits. After two EPs and lots of concerts, The Polymonsters are hungrier than ever before to dig into the adventures of human nightlife!

Vocals: Tristan Kabuki
Guitar: Marco Bianciardi
Bass: Martina Dünkelmann
Beats: Marco Bianciardi, Kopfhoerermusik, Raving Mad Carlos u.a.

booking [@] polymonsters.net